The conference fee for authors and participants is 150,00 EUR (including members of the Scientific Committee, and session chairmen).

The conference fee includes the following: a copy of conference proceedings and accompanying materials, admission to all sessions and presentations, refreshments, and welcome drink.

The conference fee (150,00 EUR) should be paid to:
ASA banka d.d.Sarajevo, Poslovnica Zenica
Bank address: Trg Bosne i Hercegovine 1, 72000 Zenica, BiH
Bank Identification Numer (BIC): SWIFT Code: IKBZBA2XXXX
Beneficiary Customer-Name: ZDK Ministry of Finance, University of Zenica
VAT: 4218353660004
IBAN: BA39 134 007 130 001 2018
Note: Quality 2019, paper number Q19-XXX (enter paper number)
Details of Charges: OUR

Correspondent bank:
Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. Zagreb / Croatia
Note: Transfer for ZDK Ministry of Finance, University of Zenica, VAT 4218353660004