This year’s scientific/expert conference will be thematic, to answer the question of how quality management systems in various fields affected the readiness and response to crisis situations, with special emphasis on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Topic: The role of QMS (Quality Management Systems) in crisis situations

Subtopic 1: Quality in Business

  • Quality management (Concept, Principles, Tools and Philosophies);
  • System and Process Performance Measurements;
  • Metrology;
  • Quality of product and process;
  • Quality in maintenance;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Environment protection quality;
  • Quality Engineering;
  • Quality Economics;
  • RiskControl;
  • Business Excellence

Subtopic 2: Quality in Education and Science

  • Pedagogical standards and norms;
  • Methods and procedures for control and monitoring of student achievements;
  • Methods and procedures of educational staff quality control;
  • Educational institutions self-evaluation;
  • The Bologna process;
  • Accreditation and certification of educational programs and institutions;
  • Legislation in the education;
  • Recommendations for quality in education IWA2;
  • Accreditation in Higher Education.

Subtopic 3: Quality in Public Sector

  • Quality in public institutions;
  • Quality in health institutions;
  • Quality in community enterprises;
  • Quality in Agriculture;
  • Quality in Food Processing Industry;
  • Aspect of Quality in Process Accesion BiH in EU;
  • Quality in politics;
  • The quality of the media;
  • Quality in Tourism.

Subtopic 4: Standards and Regulations in Quality

  • International standards ISO 9000 – Quality Management System; 
  • International standards ISO 14000 – Environmental Management System;
  • International standards OHSAS 18000 – Occupational  Health and Safety;
  • HACCP,
  • ISO 16949-Automotive quality management systems,
  • ISO 22000-Food safety management system,
  • ISO 27000-Information security management standards,
  • ISO 26000-Social Responsibility,
  • ISO 50000 – Energy Management system;
  • Status and trends in the development of standards;
  • Quality information systems;
  • Quality awards;
  • Standardization;
  • National quality programs;
  • TQM models and their evaluation;
  • Integrated quality systems.