The Research/Expert Conference will be performed as follows: Plenary session (keynote and papers related to global topics), symposium (papers according to the conference topics) and the PANEL DISCUSSION: Challenges in the implementation of ENQA Panel Recommendations. The papers will be assigned to the four areas of quality management (Business, Education & Science, Public sector, Standards & Management systems).

Conference topics:

Subtopic 1: Quality in Business

  • Quality management (Concept, Principles, Tools and Philosophies);
  • System and Process Performance Measurements;
  • Metrology;
  • Quality of product and process;
  • Quality in maintenance;
  • Supply chain management;
  • Environment protection quality;
  • Quality Engineering;
  • Quality Economics;
  • Industry 4.0;
  • Risk Control;
  • Quality Costs and Quality Cost Management;
  • Business Excellence

Subtopic 2: Quality in Education and Science

  • Pedagogical standards and norms;
  • Methods and procedures for control and monitoring of student achievements;
  • Methods and procedures of educational staff quality control;
  • Educational institutions self-evaluation;
  • The Bologna process;
  • Accreditation and certification of educational programs and institutions;
  • Legislation in the education;
  • Accreditation in Higher Education;
  • Independence of the QA agency;
  • Digitization and hybrid accreditation;
  • Quality assurance of the Joint Study programs

Subtopic 3: Quality in Public Sector

  • Quality in public institutions;
  • Quality in health institutions;
  • Quality in community enterprises;
  • Quality in Agriculture;
  • Quality in Food Processing Industry;
  • Aspect of Quality in EU Accesion of B&H;
  • Quality in politics;
  • The quality of the media;
  • Quality in Tourism

Subtopic 4: Standards and Regulations in Quality

  • International standards ISO 9000 – Quality Management System; 
  • International standards ISO 14000 – Environmental Management System;
  • International standards OHSAS 18000 – Occupational  Health and Safety;
  • HACCP,
  • ISO 16949-Automotive quality management systems,
  • ISO 22000-Food safety management system,
  • ISO 27000-Information security management standards,
  • ISO 26000-Social Responsibility,
  • ISO 50000 – Energy Management system;
  • Status and trends in the development of standards;
  • Quality information systems;
  • Quality awards;
  • Standardization;
  • National quality programs;
  • TQM models and their evaluation;
  • Integrated quality systems.