Mile Dželalija, Patricija Nikolaus (Croatia)Quality assurance, Correlations, Eigenvectors, Higher education and science
Quality assurance in higher education and science has a specific role in all countries, giving a base for relevant research and innovation, which all together play a crucial role in supporting social cohesion, economic growth and global competitiveness for individuals and societies. Within this paper we have discussed usual measurable characteristics related to the quality of higher education and science. By analysing the intercorrelations between those characteristics we have discussed a model for discovering secret generalised principal quality assurance variables in higher education and science, as a linear combination of measurable quality characteristics.
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Dželalija M and Nikolaus P. (2021) Secret principal variables for quality assurance in higher education and science. Quality 2021 (S.Brdarević, S. Jašarević, editors)”, ISSN 1512-9268, Neum, B&H, 17-19 June 2021., pp. 1-6

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